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Animate Me 5
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Goal:   This project uses 4 shapes to make it appear that the character is doing cartwheels as it moves across the page.


Vocabulary:   presentationmode

Project Map



  1. Copy your first character shape into three new shapes.

  2. Open each new shape and rotate it.  

    Rotate the first new shape so the character's head points to the right.   Name the shape me3.

    Rotate the second new shape so the character's head points down.   Name the shape me4.

    Rotate the third new shape so the character's head points to the left.   Name the shape me5.

    (If you use different shape names, then be sure to use the same names in the dance procedure.)

  3. Hatch a second turtle onto the page.   This should be the second turtle you have hatched so far.   If you hatched more turtles, this turtle might not be named "t2."

  4. Type a new procedure to make your turtle cartwheel like the one above in the code section.  

    The first line tells the computer which turtle should perform.   t2, means only the turtle named "t2" will do this procedure.   Don't forget to always include a comma after the turtle's name in your procedure.

    Each line of the cartwheel procedure tells the turtle to change its shape, then move forward the amount on the howfar slider, and then wait the amount on the howslow slider.

  5. Make a button labeled cartwheel with the procedure name cartwheel as its instruction and set it to Forever.   Try it with different settings on the sliders.  

  6. Now that you're done making yourself dance and cartwheel it's time to show off your project! Type a startup procedure like the one in the code section above.   A startup procedure will run as soon as your file is opened.   This startup procedure includes the code presentationmode which makes the page the only thing on the screen - great for presentations so the audience can focus on the action!

  7. Save your file!

What If?
What happens if you set the howslow slider to a high number and the howfar slider to a low number?
What happens if you set the howslow slider to a low number and the howfar slider to a high number?

Can you add more shapes into your Shapes tab and your procedure to change the animation?

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