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Animated Story 2
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Goal:   Click on each character to see a new message in the text box.


Vocabulary:   ct (cleartext), insert, settc

Project Map



  1. Draw characters or objects for your project.   Select, copy and paste each one into a shape.   Hatch a turtle for each character or object and place a shape on it.  

  2. Create a text box and stretch it to fill a strip along the bottom of the page.  

  3. Create a procedure for each character.  
    Ct (cleartext) erases all text in the text box.

  4. Settc stands for "set text color."   It can be followed by a color name or number.  
    Settc "red sets the text color to red.  
    Settc 15 also sets the text color to red.  
    Set a different color for each character's message.

  5. In each procedure, write a message from that character in the brackets after insert.   Insert takes the text from inside the brackets and copies it into the current text box.

  6. Open each turtle's backpack.   For its OnClick rule, write the name of that character's procedure.

  7. Now when you click on each character, in the text box you will see a new message in a new color.

What If?
What happens if you remove the command ct (cleartext) from the beginning of each procedure?

What happens if you write a very long message from one of the characters? (Will it fit in the text box?)

Can you change the font, size, or style of the text in each message?
Use: setfont, setfontsize, or setstyle.   Example: setfont "Georgia or setfont "|Times New Roman|

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