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Animated Story 3
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Goal:   A hidden message appears when each character is clicked.


Vocabulary:   showtext, hidetext

Project Map



  1. Create a new text box for each character or object you'd like to describe.   Use the pull-down text menu to set the font, size, and color of each message.   Write a message inside each text box.

  2. Place the eye tool on each text box to open its dialog box.   Check the box next to transparent.   Click OK.

  3. Drag each transparent text box to position it near the character or object it describes.

  4. Write a hide procedure to make all of the text boxes invisible.

    Address each text box by name, followed by a comma.
    Hidetext makes the current text box invisible.

  5. Create a procedure for each text box to make it visible.  

    Address each text box by name, followed by a comma.
    Showtext makes the current text box visible.

  6. Open each turtle's backpack.   For its OnClick rule, type the name of the procedure which displays the message for that turtle.  

  7. Now when you click on each turtle, a text box will appear with information about that turtle's character or object.

What If?
What happens if you do not call the hide procedure in the other procedures?

Create more hidden messages to be displayed when characters or objects are clicked.   Modify the hide procedure to include the new text boxes.

Change the shape and position of each text box before making it transparent and invisible, and arrange your scene so that each message appears beside or above the character, object, or part which it describes.

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