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Animated Story 4
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Goal:   Each character grows when it displays a hidden message.


Vocabulary:   setsize, everyone

Project Map



This project builds onto Animated Story 3.   Start with the procedures, turtles, shapes, and text boxes from your Animated Story 3 project.   You will be making slight changes to the procedures.

  1. In each procedure for a character, address that turtle by name, followed by a comma, and set it to a larger size.

    Setsize sets the turtle's size.  
    Setsize 40 is the standard size.  
    You might type setsize 50 or setsize 60, or another number.

  2. You will need a way to return each turtle to its starting size when you click on another turtle.  

    Everyone tells each of the turtles to follow the command(s) inside the brackets.

    In the hide procedure, everyone [setsize 40] returns all turtles to their starting size.

  3. Each turtle already has an OnClick rule from Animated Story 3.   Now when you click on each turtle, its revised procedure will run.   First it will run the revised hide procedure - all of the text boxes will become invisible and all of the turtles will return to their original size.   Then it will run the commands to make the turtle grow larger and to show the text box describing that character or object.   (These commands all happen so fast that they seem to happen at once.)

What If?
Try different numbers after setsize.

What is the largest size possible? What is the smallest size possible? (Experiment to find out.)

Can you write a new procedure using everyone and test it with a new button? (For instance, can you make everyone grow and shrink? Or can you make everyone move?)

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