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Growing Spider 1
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Goal:   Make a tiny spider grow huge.


Vocabulary:   setsize, wait

Project Map



  1. Draw a spider shape.

  2. Hatch a turtle and place the spider shape on the turtle.  

  3. Draw a spider web on the page background.   Place the spider where you like it on the web.

  4. In this project, the spider's size will increase gradually, using a series of setsize commands in the grow procedure.

    Setsize 40 is the standard turtle size.  
    Setsize 10 is a very tiny shape.  
    Setsize 100 is a very large shape.  

    Type the line setsize 10 wait 1.  

    (We add wait 1 after every change in size to slow down the action and give us a chance to see the spider growing.)

  5. You do not have to type all of the commands you see in the procedure!! Click and drag your mouse to select the line
    setsize 10 wait 1
    then copy it, and paste it again on the next line.   Keep on pasting the same line over and over again.  

    Now go back and change the 10 to 20 on the second line, 30 on the third line, 40 on the fourth line, and so on.

  6. The reset procedure sets the spider back to its starting size.

  7. Make a button called grow, with the grow procedure as its instruction, and keep it set to Once.

  8. Make a reset button, with the reset command as its instruction, and set to Once.   Try the buttons!

What If?
In each line, try changing wait 1 to wait 2 or wait 3.   Try wait 0, too.   What happens to the growing spider?

Can you make the spider even larger?
How large can the spider grow?
Can you make the spider shrink?

On Your Own - Project Ideas
Draw a new creature and place it in the shapes center.   Draw a new scene.   Can you make this creature grow or shrink?

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