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Note. Some answers include demo projects that require the free downloadable MW Player. If you don't have it click on the "Web Player" button, follow the instructions to install the Player, then return to this page.
How do I move the turtle?
How do I make a shape rotate as my turtle turns?
How do I make a turtle react when it comes upon something?
How can I use x and y coordinates to guide a turtle?
How can I move from page to page (using buttons, shapes, or keys)?
How can I make a moving background?
How do I make objects undraggable?
How can I create new turtle shapes with the click of a button?
How do I hatch turtles under program control?
How do I remove turtles with a command?
How do I keep score in a game?
How do I set up a timer in a game?
How do I change the contents of a textbox with the click of a button?

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