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How do I make objects undraggable?
Method 1:   freeze, unfreeze

Type in the command center:
freeze "objectname

This makes the object undraggable. Unfreeze the object by typing in the command center:
unfreeze "objectname

To make all objects on a page undraggable, type in the command center:
freeze "pagename

To make all objects draggable again, type in the command center:
unfreeze "pagename

A "frozen" turtle can still move under program control; it just cannot be dragged by the user. (You might freeze turtles in games to keep the user from cheating!)

A frozen turtle or button set to once cannot be stopped until it completes its instructions.

Right-click HERE to Download
Click on the turtle to make it wander. Set its speed with the slider. Click the different freeze buttons and try to drag the object(s) you have frozen. Click the unfreeze buttons and try dragging again. Note that the circles button (actually button8) is frozen. What happens if you try to click it again while the turtle is circling? (Can you stop the turtle's action?) Unfreeze the page and try again.

Method 2.  (MW Pro):   Freeze and unfreeze objects using the Project tab.

On the Project tab, if you see a + sign next to the page name, click to expand and see a list of all objects on the page. To the right is a partially expanded list for the project above. (In your project, you may click each + to expand more and see the instruction for each object.) Right-click any object to bring up a menu. Select freeze or unfreeze.

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