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Make a Face 1
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Goal:   Change faces randomly when you click a button.


Vocabulary:   setsh (setshape), pick

Project Map



  1. Create a set of funny-face shapes.   Name them face1, face2, face3, and so on.  

    Keep the shapes the same size with the face in the same position.   (It may be easiest to draw one oval and use the selection tool to put a rectangle around it with lots of white space on all sides, copy it, and paste it into six or more shapes.   Then edit each shape to change the color and add a face and hair.)

    If you want to try out the project quickly without drawing your own faces, you may copy and paste the shapes from this demo into your project.   (Click the "Shapes" button.)

  2. In the pick_a_face procedure, Setsh stands for "set shape."
    Setsh "face1 would change the turtle to the face1 shape.

    Setsh pick [face1 face2 face3 face4 face5 face6] means: "Pick any one of the shapes in the brackets and change the turtle to that shape."

  3. Make a button and name it pick_a_face.

    Click the button again and again, and you should see different faces!

What If?
Make more faces and add more face names inside the brackets.

Try using the same head and hair for each face and just making lots of different expressions with different eyes and mouths.   What does it look like when you keep clicking the button?

On Your Own - Project Ideas
Can you do the same sort of project but with whole bodies instead? How about different animals?

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