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Make a Face 2
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Goal:   Change parts of faces randomly when you click buttons.


Vocabulary:   startup, everyone, home

Project Map



In this project, you'll be able to pick a head, hair, eyes, nose, and mouth at random to get lots of different faces.   You'll need five turtles, one for each part of the face.   You will need lots of shapes for this project.   You'll need to position the face parts or the turtles so that the face parts will be correctly placed on the random faces.

  1. One way to make sure the face parts will appear where you want them, when all of the turtles are in the home position at the center of the page, is to use the funny-face shapes that you made in Make a Face 1 and make four copies of each one.   Then you can erase everything except a mouth and name it mouth1.   (Spill white paint on the face and hair, and wipe out the eyes and nose with the rectangle tool.   White is transparent--you can see through it.)  

    Do not change the width and height of the shape, even though there will be lots of extra white space around the mouth.  

  2. Open the next copy of your first funny-face shape and erase everything except the eyes.   Name the shape eyes1.

  3. Repeat this process to make your first nose shape and hair shape.

  4. Use four copies of your second funny face from Make a Face 1 to create a second set of shapes for mouth, eyes, nose, and hair.

  5. Repeat these steps to create a third set of shapes from your third funny face from Make a Face 1, and so on.

  6. You will need a set of ovals of different colors to be the heads.   If you have an oval left from Make a Face 1, copy it many times and then make each one a different shade of brown or orange.   Or you may wish to draw funny head shapes with different shapes of chins and cheeks.   But be sure to keep the same basic head size and position that you used in your original head shape.

    Be sure to name each shape.

  7. Hatch a total of five turtles.  

  8. Write a startup procedure.   When you name a procedure startup, the computer will run this procedure as soon as the project opens up.   Use startup to make sure that everything is in place in your project.

    Everyone [home] means, "All turtles go to the very middle of the page and face straight up."   This makes sure that they are lined up on top of each other.   Turtle t1 will be behind the others, so that turtle will be the head.   Everything else will be on top of the head.

    To test the procedure, type startup in the command center and press Enter/Return.   The turtles should all move to the center of the page so that only one turtle is showing at this point.

  9. Write five procedures for picking face parts at random, as shown above.   Each procedure works the same way: the computer will pick one name at random from the shape names in the brackets and tell a specific turtle to set its shape to that name.
    t2, (including the comma) means that you are talking to the turtle named t2.

  10. Make five buttons and name each one with one of the pick procedures.

  11. Click each button again and again, and you should see lots of different silly faces.   If you make your shapes carefully, the body parts should be in the right places.

    (Note: If you are having trouble getting your parts to be in the right places, you can drag the turtles where you need them.   Then you should not send all of the turtles home in a startup procedure.   You can also try copying some of the shapes from this project to get the sizing right, and then erase facial parts and draw your own in the same place.)

What If?
Make more silly eyes or mouths or noses or hairstyles in the shapes center.   Add each name into the right procedure.

Can you make a set of silly ears to work with this project?
Can you make a set of silly necks or chins and add things like beards or necklaces or double-chins?
Can you make a set of silly hats?

On Your Own - Project Ideas
Can you do the same sort of project but with whole bodies instead? One turtle could be the body, another could be the shirt, another could be skirts and pants, another could be shoes, and so on.

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