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Make a Face 3
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Goal:   Change faces by adjusting a slider.


Vocabulary:   setsh (setshape)

Project Map



  1. Another way to change faces is to use a slider.   Select the slider icon then click anywhere on the page.   The slider dialog box (the white box where you make changes) will appear.   You can give the slider a different name or keep the name provided (slider1).   Remember that the slider name will be used in the procedure, so the slider name and the name used in the procedure must be the same.  

  2. Use the set of funny-face shapes you created in Make a Face 1.   Note in the Graphics tab the parking spot number for each face.   Each face should be next to another face in a set of numbers (example: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15).   The numbers must be in order.

  3. The minimum entry is for the starting point number (10) from the Graphics tab, and the maximum is the number of the ending shape (15).   Select OK if you are happy with the changes.

  4. In the procedure, instead of typing the name of the shape or the shape spot number after setsh, type in the name of the slider.

  5. Make a button and name it change_a_face (which is the same name as the procedure) and set it to Many Times.  

  6. Move the slider to the any spot on the page you choose.  

  7. Click the button, and then adjust the slider to select different faces.

What If?
Make more faces and add to the Graphics tab.   Add the new range of minimum and maximum to the slider dialog box to select the additional faces.  

Try using the same head and hair for each face, making lots of different expressions with different eyes and mouths.   How does it appear when you keep adjusting the slider?

On Your Own - Project Ideas
Can you make new characters and use the slider to create an animation?

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