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How is the MicroWorlds in Action site organized?

MicroWorlds in Action presents a variety of resources for a wide range of learning styles and needs. Following brief descriptions, you will find specific suggestions for using the MicroWorlds in Action resources in a computer lab.

Each folder contains a sequence of MicroWorlds projects of increasing difficulty built around the same theme. The first page of each folder gives a brief hyperlinked description of the folder's projects.

The first page also provides a link to a page of shapes used in creating the folder's projects and a link to a downloadable version of the projects.

Each project includes:

  • a brief statement of goal
  • a screenshot of the project
  • a list of new Logo vocabulary terms used in the project, with hyperlinked explanations
  • the project's procedures
  • a project map (from MW EX) illustrating all project elements (turtles, instructions, buttons, sliders, textboxes, pages, and so on)
  • notes of explanation
  • three types of extension activities: What If?, Challenge, and On Your Own
  • small navigational buttons to move between the project components

On the first page of the section the project file drawer page you will find a link to a downloads page for all projects. You might like to download projects in order to make quick explorations of variations in the procedures or to use existing projects as launch pads for your own extension. But downloading projects is not necessary; within each folder, code, and needed project elements are clearly presented so that each project can be recreated from scratch.

The project folders are also presented in Spanish for the benefit of Spanish-speaking students and teachers.

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