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To: MWcybercourse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Message from OWL in Denver
From: "Christopher Myers" <cpmyers@xxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 08:52:59 -0600

Dear MW Cybercoursers,

As founder and Director of OpenWorld Learning (OWL) (a digital divide
initiative in Denver) I am excited about and pleased to learn from and
contribute to your efforts.

OWL is using MicroWorlds to teach writing, Internet research and computer
programming in low-income, primarily Latino, Denver neighborhoods. We
operate computer labs on behalf of existing schools and after-school
programs during after-school and summer hours, and use these labs as a base
for a program grounded in MicroWorlds.

I'm hoping the MW Cybercourse will be a wonderful resource to teachers and
student-teachers in our program -- especially on the computer programming

We too are working to develop a users group and resource library that would
support funner, faster, and deeper MW learning.

I hope to talk with Wendy about specific ways in which we might be able to
combine efforts, but wanted to at least say hello and indicate my pleasure
in the re-awakening.

I should mention that we would love to recruit a skilled LOGO teacher to
come to Denver and work directly with us on this project. We're currently
getting consulting help from Michael Tempel and ten hours a week of email
help from Daniel Ajoy (in Ecuador) whose fluency in English, Spanish, and
LOGO make him an invaluable resource to our bilingual program.

I've attached some additional info on OWL for any of you who would like to
learn more about our project. Those of you who saw my posting to the LOGO
forum six months ago will see considerable progress on the fundraising and
site development front, which I hope will cause you to forgive my long
absence from that forum.

I look forward to learning more about all of your efforts through the MW


Christopher Myers
Executive Director
OpenWorld Learning

Attachment: OWL Proposal 09Apr01.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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