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To: <MWcybercourse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Next Lesson
From: "Gary McCallister" <mccallis@xxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 14:58:47 -0600

I finally had a little time to examine the many modifications to my mosquito
program earlier. I learned so much from that experience I thought I would
throw out another little project to see how different minds handle it. The
attached program allows one to:
1. First, draw two faces with variables for shape of: face, eyes, nose
andmouth. I used the simplest figures I could come up with quickly since my
interest is not on the appearance, but the sets of instructions.
2. Then you can have the two get married and have babies. The offspring will
have characteristics picked from the instruction sets of each parent for the
same set of varibales.
The idea is that DNA is a set of instructions, and when sexual reproduction
occurs those instructions are called pretty randomly. Most people think
instructions must be called sequentially, but in DNA that is not always the
The program could obviously be improved in several ways, such as usingmore
realistic shapes; perhaps elipses of different parameters for face, eye and
nose shapes. I think it would also be fun to create a catalog of faces that
would allow the observer (experimenter) to arrange different kindsof marriages
and observe the offspring. It would also be valuable to a biologist to be able
to keep track of the varios offspring in some way so we could test the
mendelian assortment taking place. Anyway, what do you all suggest?

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Description: Binary data

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