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To: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Spice
From: Harvey Bornfield <earlyfire@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 12:18:45 -0700

Late-Breaking Bulletin!
In an unprecedented reversal of the usual fare of expected philosophy, Earlyfire presents a handful of unexpected Halloween Shapes, now shipping like dervish blowtorch flame dancing beneath the full moon. MW savants, enjoy this eye candy, and make some living Halloween cards. Choreograph these "Axis-of-Evil" quality 40 by 40 matrixed villains in various jagged or sheik trajectories, all just to spice up your haunting. These shapes (those of them which weren't conspicuously shoplifted, courtesy of prehistoric versions of MW) are "fairly original", and these we consign to deep cyberspace, perchance they wash up on your shores and sparkplug-like, uncork your imaginations.

The ghost, dragon, bat, tree,skull, castle, Television, Arizona flag, treasure chest are paired up for easy animation. And if you send now, we'll include the two-way witches. The ocotillo and prickly pear are from the Sonoran desert.

Some Ideas::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
This is a nice collection in which to practice making processes happen simultaneously
Set up a toggle to open and close the castle doors (set the castle to both shapes and program a fd 0, once).

Set up a procedure to alternate the two Arizona flag shapes; use a wait, then for smarts, use a slider to control the wave velocity. (You can conceal a slider on a 'dashboard' or a "backstage" page)

Plant the flag on the castle tower. When that procedure is running, and the door is open, (IFELSE time) then make your ghost, followed by your dragon, your bats and other creatures exit the castle, descend the stairs, move centerstage, all the while telescoping from miniature hardly-see-ables to full blown menaces.

Perhaps you can hire a glowing skull to draw and connect fence posts around the castle, while a brother and sister siamese alligators to carve concentric trails around it, sourcing a moat. The sailing ship, if you create one going in a parallel direction, serves as a good ferry boat, or a cruise ship.

If you use tto [moving_van stegosaurus] you can be the first taxi in Jurassic Park,

To make the snake coil, or the sun glow, set up shrink and swell procedures
to shrink :v
repeat :v [ setsize size - 3 wait 2 setsize size + 1 wait 2]

to swell :v
repeat :v[ setsize size + 3 wait 2 setsize size - 1 wait 2]

to glow :v
swell :v shrink :v

Program your bats to circle infinity signs three times, then land in a tree, then orchestrate the landing so the tree morphs to autumn colors.

As an alternative stage to debut, program the TV to turn on, or the treasure chest to open. and only when its on or open (test for the shape), make scenery, or vehicles, or the witch appear, leap off the screen and populate the monitor.

If you're into collaborative learning, divide up the tasks and then merge them. To write stories, have the child drag a character on top of the TV and turn it on. Use the touching? command to toggle textboxes on and off.

to toggletext :v ;supply a textbox name in quotes. If concealed, toggletext will display it
;if it's onscreen, toggletext make it vanish .
set :v "visible? ifelse get :v "visible? ["false]["true]
;notice the 'blowgunned' IFELSE statement above gets evaluated on the fly

You can make a plant or an apparition grow
to sprout :v ;pass in a list with a low and high size
setsize ifelse (size + 2) > (last :v) [first :v][size + 2] ;recycle back to smallest value when oversized

The Halloween01 is a Project. The procedure code is interesting. I will revise it, intend to explain its usage, and employ it later in a choreography project which I will do in subsequent posts on the MWforum. The Halloween02 is a Pro shapes page, with identical shapes.

Enjoy! warm regards, Harvey Bornfield Mythologics: A University for Imagination

"Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind, but mankind cannot comprehend." Ludwig van Beethoven

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