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Subject: figure generator
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jeff Knope)
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 23:30:47 -0800

Daniel Ajoy, et al-

I'm completely new to forums of any sort, and am unsure of the protocol.  I
suspect I should be doing a "reply to" - but frankly, what I got in reply was
a huge bunch of stuff: what I'd written, then what I'd written imbedded in
HTML, then Daniel's response, then about 300 lines the first of which was:
the remaining 299 more of the same.  If I do a "reply to" you'll just get all
that gibberish right back.  So I'm starting over with a clean piece of paper.
If there's some sort of setting for me to make in my mail program or
something, I'd appreciate some help with that.

Maybe all that gibberish had to do with Daniel's attachment, but there was no
paperclip or anything, and I didn't get the attachment.

Anywho, I'm including an attachment of the procedures you asked about (sans
the arc - I'll deal with it separately later), along with some introductory
explanations.  I hope it's useful.


Attachment: Fog to Daniel.rtf
Description: Binary data

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