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Subject: RE: Welcome to the "MWForum" mailing list
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (fwilson)
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 15:23:12 -0700

>Please send a message to the list and tell us a little bit about yourself!

>1) What is your background in learning or teaching MicroWorlds?
 I first met Seymour Papert when he visited a private high school in
 New Jersey, in 1972.  I have been a fan of Logo ever since.  I now
 teach computer at Sylmar High School, which is in the Los Angeles
 Unified School District.  I have made sure, in every school where I
 have taught, that there is a site license for some version of Logo.
 I currently teach MicroWorlds Pro as part of an Intro Computer course
 to (mostly) ninth graders.  Most of the students belong to a Math,
 Science, Technology Magnet within the larger school.  I attended the
 Logosium when NECC was in San Diego a few years ago.

>2) What do you like best about MicroWorlds?  What do you find difficult
    or frustrating?
 I really like the Logo Programming environment, the extensibility, and
 the helpful error messages.  I do not like that going back and forth
 between the command center and the procedure page has actually become
 LESS easy in this latest version: ctrl-d gets you from the procedure
 page to the command center, but the keyboard shortcut to go back to the
 procedure page has actually been removed.

>3) How do you hope this group can be helpful to you?
 By answering one specific and one general question.  Specifically, how can
 you generate sequential file names so that a program can save a sequence
 of screen shots so that we can produce an animated gif?  I develop, with
 the kids, a bounce program, which has two turtles carroming off the walls
 and each other; if I could generate a sequence of file names like shot01,
 shot02, shot03, etc., I could use savepict "shotxy.gif to save a sequence
 of gifs and then create the animated gif.
 The general question concerns versions of Logo that run under Linux.  I am
 hoping to move to a dual boot computer lab next year.  I think Brian Harvey
 has a version, but I have not yeat tried it.

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