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Subject: revised automatic picture-saving
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Wendy Petti)
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 23:42:56 -0500

Daniel has created a good solution for "padding" a number so that zeroes will 
be placed before the lowest numbers in order to keep them in proper 
sequence... otherwise shot2 would be listed after shot11, but shot02 would be 
listed before shot11.

I've incorporated Daniel's solution into my adaptation of fwilson's project 
and uploaded it to our archive page at


and I'm also attaching it here.  It is called bounce-w-savepict2.mw2.  I 
notice I also made some errors in my earlier project.  (Sorry!)

The sample project I've uploaded takes 40 pictures, waiting 1/10 of a second 
between each picture.  The slideshow replays them at the same rate, in case 
you want to preview before building an animated GIF.  (If you decide to create 
another set of images, you need to delete the first set first or else copy the 
project to an empty folder.)

Note that I've added a few commands to fwilson's "showtime" procedure to get 
things set up properly, and I've also added the command "clean" to the 
"cleanup" procedure.  

Wendy Petti
Director of Curriculum, OpenWorld Learning (OWL)
content develop, OWL's MicroWorlds in Action
Math Cats

Attachment: bounce-w-savepict2.mw2
Description: bounce-w-savepict2.mw2

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