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Subject: Red Peg Game
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jay)
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 22:20:36 -0400

Hi Forum Members

Early this year I posted a game called "Turtle Peg Game" (30 march 2003),
since posting, I played the game numerous time, trying to jump pegs until 1
peg was left. I failed miserably! I never got down to 1 peg!  Friends have
tried, and they too have failed. The solution is very elusive. Even with
Mike Sandy's encouraging & humbling peg solution statistics (Peg Game - 19
April 2003), I never succeeded in playing a Genius game. Rather than my
continuously trying to be a peg genius, I decided to write a program that
would SHOW ME the sequence of moves needed to end with 1 peg. (I hate
playing games, but I do enjoy designing and analyzing them). Writing an
analysis program, forced me to learn how loops & recursions are done in
MicroWorlds Pro. On my old 1995 desktop PC Computer the first analysis I
tried, took 7 hours and 7 minutes to compute the solutions. [166MHz
Pentium/64MB]. On my newer laptop PC Computer [1.80GHz/256MB] some solutions
took upwards of an hour. Considering I haven't found one solution on my own
(manual game-play), I don't want to tell you how many solutions the turtle

When I finished the Analysis Program, I decided to merge it with the
original Turtle Peg game, and add an optional RED TURTLE for an added
measure of difficulty for you Mensa Folks. The resultant merged program is
not as clean and efficient a program as it could be, but I've had enough
band-aid programming .....!

The attached file is called ... red-peg-game.mw2
(I assume it will be posted at MWForum Attachments)

MicroWorlds Pro is a great product --- but very addictive.

Jay (J)

Attachment: red-peg-game.mw2
Description: Binary data

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