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Subject: Red Peg Game (revised)
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jay)
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 21:52:20 -0400

Hi Forum Members

Wendy Petti noted, that the Red Peg Game (submitted 28 Aug 2003) designed 
using MWPro, could NOT be run under MW 2.0.  
Wendy noted the following two compatibility issues.

1.  MW 2.0 does not have as many options for using SET.  
     For instance, it cannot process this:
     set "t17 "visible? "false
     set "t16 "visible? "true
     Instead, it can deal only with:
     t17, ht
     t16, st

This problem was fixed by use ht and st instead of set "t__ "visible? "false

2. The default graphic shapes in MW 2.0 and MWPro are different from each
    other. In MWPro, default shape #3 is a small Blue Light; in MW 2.0, it is
a Sun. 
    This problem was fixed by changing just 1 pixel in shape #3 and then
saving the shape, 
    thus changing it's status from default to custom. A custom shape is common
    either application.


When you try the analysis button and set the display option to "display every
find" you will see that the text-box "sequences", seems to have an upper limit
as to how much text can be displayed. The displayed sequences stop showing
after approximately 10500 finds.  
The program doesn't hang-up. The "counter" text-box displays the correct
Is this limitation dependent on RAM size (I have 256MB of RAM)?  Any idea why?


Depending on the speed of your machine, analysis of some patterns, can take an
hour or
more, but you can concurrently play the game during analysis. You can check-out
reported solutions, flip turtles, play, reset .... etc.  provided you get no
error message. An error will abort the analysis.

The revised game will now run under either MW 2.0 or MWPro.

The attached file is called ... red-peg-game-A.mw2
(I assume it will be posted at MWForum Attachments)

(Jay) J.


Attachment: red-peg-game-A.mw2
Description: Binary data

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