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Subject: How to slow down a turtle/car travelling around a road network
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 10:00:55 +1000

I'm trying to help some students create a project as part of their maths course. They have to import pages of maps from a local street directory and then use a turtle [dressed as a car] to show the route they travel from their house to our school. The idea is to place turtles [ which will be hidden] all along the roads which they use to come to school. The car- turtle will then 'drive' from hidden turtle to hidden turtle as it travels around the road network. I'm using a procedure with  towards   and   glide    - such as the following:
t1, towards "t2 

glide distance "t2 1

towards "t3

glide distance "t3 1

towards "t4

 The only problem is that the car doesn't  glide - it hurtles around the network at a rate which breaks the speed limit!!!! Can anyone suggest a way of making the car-turtle travel SLOWLY around the road network as it 'drives' from hidden turtle to hidden turtle?  I've attached my practice project so you can get some idea of what I'm trying to do. Many thanks   Graham Williams  Melbourne  Australia

Attachment: travelmap.mw2
Description: travelmap.mw2

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