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Subject: Re: Maze emailing projects
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Mikula Family)
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 10:11:54 -0700

I have had trouble with MW attachments previously but Tania's Maze worked falwlessly.  The icon on the desktop was new to me tho. 

Wendy Petti wrote:

A Mac-using member of our MWForum has similarly been unable to download and open the files sent as attachments to this list and posted online.  But I've had no trouble with my own Mac.  I have not been able to understand why some Macs can access the files and some cannot.It is important to realize that Mac users cannot expect to open PC MW projects simply by double-clicking icons, and they may not appear originally as MW icons.  It is supposed to work if a Mac user opens a blank MW project in the same folder as the saved attachment, then types in the command center:import "filename.mw2It is important to include the extension.  This should load the project which can then be resaved as a Mac MW project.But when one of our MWForum members followed these steps it did not work.  I really do not know why.If you send the project to me, I can convert it to a Mac MW project and send it to your son if there is no other way to do it.  But actually I think I did that for our forum member and that did not work either!  Still it might be worth a try.What version of MW are you using and what version is your son using, by the way?  If you are both using MW Pro then it is supposed to be cross-platform.  Also, what e-mail program is your son using?  (AOL is the *worst* in handling attachments.  I think sometimes attachments get converted to another file type in transit and maybe that is the problem.)  You might also try sending the project as a zip file... if your son can deal with those.  But then he would still need to follow the instructions above after unzipping.Wendy
-----Original Message-----
From: mwforum-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:mwforum-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]On Behalf Of Jeff Knope
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 11:08 PM
To: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: knope@xxxxxxxx
Subject: [MWForum]difficulty emailing projects
Hi - I've been trying to email my son (one of those Apple user types) MicroWorlds projects as attachments in Outlook Express.  Here is his answer to me: The bad news is, no go on your program.  It comes just as those old ones did, as a blank file icon (not like the microworlds docs with the partial globe).  I tried all of your suggestions with no success.  Microworlds is working fine, I created a text doc and reopened it.  Do you have other thoughts?

From Sent Items in Outlook Express, I saved the attachment to a different folder than where my original lives, and had no difficulty loading it into MicroWorlds.  Can anyone offer suggestions? Thank you,-Jeff

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