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Subject: building a movie recommending system
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Daniel Ajoy)
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 22:40:48 -0500

Hi Vasant Dhar.

The attached project could be a start.

OpenWorld Learning

PS. My method is similar to how things are done in Rexx
(rexx programmers use "compound variable names" that 
have "stems")

On 20 Apr 2004 at 17:57, Wendy Petti wrote:

> I'm getting a little desperate and need to know whether I should abandon
> trying this problem
> in this language.
> Thanks,
> Vasant Dhar
> Here's the request:
> I am trying to build a very simple recommender system for movies in
> Microworlds. It will work as follows:
> 1. System asks user to specify GENRE of interest, i.e. comedy, thriller,
> etc.
> 2. System searches through a table of past movies (HISTORICAL_MOVIES)
> corresponding to the specified GENRE. Call this subset SUBSET.
> 3. System presents user with SUBSET and asks which movies user liked (or it
> can ask for a ranking, which is preferable). Let's call this LIKED_SUBSET.
> 4. System matches attributes of LIKED_SUBSET with a table of CURRENT_MOVIES
> to determine SUGGESTED_SUBSET which consists of ranked movies.
> 5. If user is satisfies, quit, otherwise go to step 1.
> This is a pretty simple problem, easily solvable in BASIC. How do I do it in
> MW? The way I see it, it involves creating a tables of movies (historical
> and current), which should be sets of structured objects whose
> attribute-values can be accessed and matched. And the results should be
> assigned
> via some kind of assignment statement to variables etc.
> HELP!!!!
> Vasant Dhar
> Please reply to this address as well as vdhar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Attachment: MovieRecommender.mw2
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