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Subject: Help with Conditionals
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Wendy Petti)
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 01:43:01 -0400

Shannell, it took me awhile to figure out why you were getting the "fd does
not like [ ] as input" message.  At first I was getting that error message
even when I changed the EVERYONE command to:

ask [t1 t2 t3 t4 t5] [forever [fd speed ]]

(You really only want those 5 turtles to move, and as Daniel has pointed
out, the remaining turtles have not been given a speed property.)

But the additional confusion causing the error message is that you have two
pages in your project, with turtles 1 - 5 on both pages.  Finally when I
removed page1, the turtles on page3 functioned properly without that error

I wasn't really sure why you triggered an announcement when t1 touches t11;
it is a general instruction so I thought it might as well reside in a
textbox at the top of the page.

I've created a version of the project which I hope is simple and
accomplishes your goals.

Each turtle has an instruction such as this (for t1)

fd speed check1

(set to "many times").

And the check1 procedure is this:

to check1
if touching? "t1 "t11 [text1, showtext t1, bk 1  clickoff]

I had the turtles move bk 1 before the clickoff command because otherwise
the turtles were always touching and the turtles weren't clicking off.

In this version, there is no longer one "check" procedure that checks all 5
turtles at once, and there didn't seem to me to be a need for procedures
like orange1-speed.

In this version of the project, the turtles click on to move and click off
to stop moving and show the velocity at which they had moved.  All text
boxes can be displayed at once instead of only one at a time... but you can
change that back if you like, of course.

In the case of your student's project, I think that the stopline is not
stopping the oranges because they are moving forward about 16 or 18 or 24
pixels at once, skipping right over the line in between checks to see if
they are touching it.  Probably if they moved forward in smaller increments
it would work, but I put my energy into fiddling with your project rather
than your student's project.  I've attached my version of your project,
called River_project2exp2.

I hope this helps.  I'm sorry this feedback comes so late; I hope it is
still useful, though I realize you have a Thursday deadline.  Good luck!

Wendy Petti
OpenWorld Learning
OWL's MicroWorlds in Action

> -----Original Message-----
> From: mwforum-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> [mailto:mwforum-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]On Behalf Of Shannell M.
> Jackson
> Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 10:44 AM
> To: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: RE: [MWForum]Help with Conditionals
> Thanks for all the suggestions Wendy, Jeff and Susan.
> I am going to take Wendy's advice and attach two example projects; one
> that I have been working on and another that belongs to a student.  I
> have figured out a work around for the stop command.
> I have told the turtle
> if touching? "t1 "t11 [t1, clickon announce [Click on any orange to see
> its speed.] stopall]
> This works but leaves a gap between the other girls and their oranges.
> I wanted the oranges to stop when they reached their corresponding girl
> and clickon their text of the speed.
> My students and I are also experiencing a problem with and error that "
> fd does not like [] as input" from the moving_oranges or the testing
> velocity procedure.  Any suggestions?  These errors will not allow the
> project to run in presentation mode now.

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