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Subject: more "Intersection"
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jeff Knope)
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 08:58:35 -0700

Hi All ~

Pavel wrote: Let me know whether you want the Elica Logo source.

Yes, please.

Wendy wrote: Now we can use Daniel's mathematical code to check the
reliability of my method.

I tried that, and here's the results. I think it's fair to suppose Daniel's
method is the more precise. But Wendy's is sure close enough for most
purposes. Maybe with Pavel's code, we'll be able to get majority decisions ~
or more uncertainty :-)

Wendy wrote: I think it's very interesting that Pro and EX implement TOWARDS
differently, and yes, by all means, please send your Pro utility feature to
the list so we can all benefit from it!

Besides its greater accuracy, it also takes any point [x y] as input, rather
than other turtles. If you want to use it to head toward another turtle,
you'll need to first get the pos of the other turtle, and then make current
the turtle whose heading your trying to set.

For those who haven't been hanging on every word of this thread, this
procedure gives decimal instead of integer headings for MWPro (not needed in

TO TOWARD :pt  ;;;sets heading
if (first :pt) = (first pos) [ifelse (last :pt) > (last pos) [seth 0
stop][seth 180 stop]];;;no divide by 0
make "slp ((last :pt) - (last pos)) / ((first :pt) - (first pos))
ifelse (first :pt) > (first pos) [seth minus ((arctan :slp) - 90)] [seth minus
((arctan :slp) + 90)]

Thank you all, for this great help. --Jeff

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