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Subject: problem with clickon
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Zehava Wizman)
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 10:40:01 +0200

Hi all!
I send this question month before and get no answer' maybe the message got some problem , so I send it again:
here attached a project,in the project, there is a procedure "my_car" that lights the yellow lights, then green lights and then activate proc "car" and "car1" (within command clickon), after finishing "clickon", the yellow light must be activate. My question is: the yellow light start to flash while the cars are moving,why it's so????

I expected that "t5, yellow" - will start only after the command "ask[t8 t9] [ clickon] has been finished.


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Attachment: problem_with_clickon.mw2
Description: Binary data

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