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Subject: Re:Logo Help!!
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Mikula Family)
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 12:19:22 -0600

Dear Heikki,
With new students, it is fun to start with lessons in which kids are the turtle. They walk around to your commands. If you say forward, they ask how far and on your answer, they all move.  Then give each child a small laminated paper turtle to manipulate. Young children can understand and enjoy Logo before they can type. Logo can be programmed so that a single key stroke moves the turtle. ( I developed this while working with Downs Syndrome children.) With little kids all caps are easier to use. For example, F  moves the turtle forward 10 or 15 "steps"  - whatever works on your size screen. B is back, R it 30 degrees right and so on.
With this students can make squares, rectangles, houses and all sorts of things.  Add a  command such as LC for little circle and they can make cars!!!
At about 8 1/2 they can transition to learning the full commands. Use lots of help charts or easy to read papers by each computer. Keep the charts in the same place in the room; kids will quickly learn where to look for the help they need.
Check with the students' math book. Some publishers include logo lessons. Otherwise, look through the concepts they are learning in math class and reinforce them with logo lessons.
About age 9, there is a lot of fun with the Total Turtle Trip of 360 degrees. That is a springboard to triangles, hexagons etc.
If you have a version of Logo such as Microworlds, students can make pages demonstrating the life cycle of a butterfly or make the solar system with moving parts.

There is no end to the lessons and joy with this wonderful program

Good luck and have fun!!

Kate Mikula
Computer Education Specialist (Ret.)
Austin, Texas

Heikki Korpinen wrote:

Sorry of the cross posting.

I am beginning to build a project to make Logo more familiar in
Finnish schools. I need your help to learn how schools - from
elementary level - are using Logo from the basics in your countries.
Experiences, examples, material, home - school collaboration, school
clubs ...

Because Logo is - again - quite new to us, I need such easy material
I can take contact to teachers, parents, school officials etc.

Already in 1982 I belonged to a group of parents and teachers, who
built a Logo club in an elementary school in Helsinki. Since then I
have used Logo for my pleasure only.


Heikki Korpinen

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