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Subject: GraphicsBasics
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jeff Knope)
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 07:04:43 -0700

Hi All,

First, to the dial-upers (like myself), I apologize for the long download. I
hope at least some of you find it worth the thumb-twiddling price you've
already paid.

The attached Project began as an attempt to address Zehava's search for a way
to make procedures without much typing. It completely fails in that attempt.
But it evolved into something else which might be of value to those
introducing LOGO graphics to students.

I am not a teacher, and have little experience introducing LOGO to neophytes.
But I recall my own struggles to wrap my mind around the concepts of a
graphics field, an origin, a heading, turning-and-distance moves vs.
coordinate-based moves, etc. This Project may be a useful aid for introducing
those concepts.

I urge use of the Page-change buttons rather than the Pages menu. The Graphics
Basics page must be used with no Command Console use, because the Origin of
its graphics field is different from that of the underlying MicroWorlds
graphics field. Page 2 uses the MicroWorlds field, and invites use of the
Command Console and Procedures Tab.

Use of the Graphics Basics page is not without its frustrations. It is
essential that users click on both the action desired, and then on its input
box. Also, the computer-literate user's almost automatic use of <Return> or
<Tab> keys will only cause problems. There is error-trapping to make recovery
from these mistakes fairly painless.

Some features not instantly obvious include the use of the mouse in the
graphics field during some input actions. There are Xcor and Ycor pointers
that are active during these operations. Also, the setheading, setx and sety
boxes are used as reporters of the current status as well as for their input

I think this thing is pretty robust, and difficult to misuse in a way to cause
an error. But I should know better than to make such a claim. Please report
any errors you are able to generate, with as much info as possible as to what
preceeded it. Also, any feedback on the way concepts are presented will be
appreciated. For those interested, we may regard this as a work-in-progress,
open to revision and improvement.

I know reading someone else's code, especially when it is not well-annotated,
is difficult. For anyone interested in how any features work, just ask.  My
code is located below what is visible to the user in the Procedures Tab on
Page 2. It is best viewed in the wide-tab mode (press <Esc>).


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