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Subject: GraphicsBasics6
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jeff Knope)
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 12:52:33 -0700

Hi All,

The attached Project has undergone very substantial revision.  It no longer
uses keyboard input at all.  It is entirely mouse-driven.  I know I said this
before and was very quickly shown to be mistaken, but I am unable to make it
misbehave, even when I try.

The trouble is, Wendy is having a very different experience with it.  For her,
the headings and distances, which are displayed dynamically as they change,
appear frenetic and not readable.  For me they don't do that.  We are both
using XP with Service Pack 2, and we're both running it in MWPro (though I've
tested it in EX, and after some minor revision it's doing fine there too).

In fairness, Wendy has been using a version lacking some of the safeguards
that are now in it.  But still, I've never experienced what she describes.  So
we're a little perplexed.

May I ask that you try it, and report your experiences.  

Admittedly, it's a little short on instructions, so let me describe its use:
Basically, the user clicks one of the buttons displaying a Logo command.  Then
moves the mouse cursor into the graphics field.  Depending on your selection,
different behaviors will be evident.  

For example, selecting SETHEADING will cause the turtle to turn, following the
mouse when it's in the graphics field.  The little textbox beside the command
reports the heading you have moved it to, and the sprite on the compass dial
turns in concert with the turtle.  When you have the heading you want, you
just click.  NOT on the turtle, but in the graphics field away from the
turtle.  This concludes the SETHEADING operation, the button returns to
blue-colored text, and you're ready to make another selection.

The other commands work in a similar fashion.  It should be instantly obvious
with each how to manipulate either the turtle itself or the crosshairs to
specify the action you want.  Always, clicking in the field is what either
executes or concludes the action.  The only exception is in AutoDraw (or
SETPOS) mode, the operation continues with as many new line segments as you
like.  It is terminated by clicking on the blue ball (which, as you will see,
amounts to a double-click at your final point.

That should be ample explanation of what to do.  Please tell me (through forum
posts) about your experiences.

Thank you,

Attachment: GraphicsBasics6.mw2
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