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Subject: Coin flipping project
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 07:44:39 +1000

Could someone please help me sort out the problems with the attached
project.?  My students are investigating probability through both
'concrete' activities [ i.e.  They're  flipping real coins squillions of
times ] and virtual experiments =- the idea being to compare the two
outcomes.  I'm trying to write procedures which will cause the
turtle/coin [ called <  money > in the project ] to flip constantly ,
until the procedure is stopped .  I want to record a total count of the
'heads' [  < headscount > ] , a total record of the 'tails' [ <
tailscount >]  and a total of all the flips [ <  totalflips > ] . I've
made 3-textboxes and labelled them   headscount      tailscount
totalflips   and I'm trying to direct data about the results of the
flips into the 3 separate text-boxes but at the moment all I'm doing is
directing  the words < headscount + 1 >    < tailscount + 1 >  and
<totalflips + 1 > into the textboxes .  The annoying thing is that at
one stage during the time I've spent on this project I did actually
manage to direct data [ numbers of heads  and numbers of tails ] into 2
of the text-boxes . I'm sure this was more serendipitous than good
management because as I tried to tweak the procedure to get numbers for
the totalflips I lost the plot and ended-up with the problem I now face.
Also, I'd like to slow things down so that as the cumulative totals are
recorded in each of the 3 text-boxes, the numbers are able to be read .
I'd greatly appreciate any help because I'm very much a beginner '
programmer' . I'm working in Microworlds PRO  on Windows XP.  . Graham
Williams <<COIN FLIPS.mw2>> 

Attachment: COIN FLIPS.mw2
Description: COIN FLIPS.mw2

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