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Subject: GB final
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jeff Knope)
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 11:19:58 -0700

Hi All,

I am hoping (as no doubt you are too) this will be the final posting of this

It has undergone several more rounds of refinement.  These include:
  a.. Addition of explanatory text in all menus except the "All" menu
  b.. Use of a textcolor scheme segregating descriptions, instructions and
  c..  Suppression of the red cross-hairs and position reports in menus using
turns or moves (as opposed to coordinate drawing).
  d.. Use of a "ghost turtle" when making FD and BK moves.  This turtle
changes color when passing from positive to negative values, and vice-versa.
  e.. Muting of menu button color and grid intensity.
  f.. Consistent display of natural turtle vs. ball shape for turns/moves vs.
  g.. Inclusion of a title screen.
  h.. Additional error trapping and recovery.
  i.. Deletion of 2nd page (separate future project).
  j.. Startup procedure is located at top of Procedures Tab in the hope this
will solve the MW 2.05 startup problem.
I have changed the filename to GraphicsBasics.mw2, deleting the development
stage number.  This is the same filename as the original posting.  So if you
have saved that one, agree to an overwrite when asked.  I also recommend
deleting earlier versions (with development stage numbers) to save disk space
and avoid future confusion.

If you see anything you feel strongly should be done or said differently,
please advise.  If you are able to cause an error, please report it.  If you
experience any behavior problems, please report that.  I appreciate your

I think it's now suitable for use as a Logo teaching aid, at least for
students middle school and up.

Thank you, and Good Luck with it,

Attachment: GraphicsBasics.mw2
Description: Binary data

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