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Subject: GB final final
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jeff Knope)
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 00:11:24 -0700

Well, there seems to be enough enthusiasm for this thing that I should post
the results of some final buffing.  

I discovered the file can be compressed to remarkable extent.  It's now only
about 20% the size of the regular format.  I think Wendy has recommended
before that we do that, but I'd forgotten all about it.  So it should be a
much less painful download for the dial-uppers.  This option is in the "Save
As..." menu.  This compressed file appears to load and function well in both
MWPro and EX.  If someone can confirm that it works well (or not) in MW 2.05,
I'll appreciate that info.

Some of the revisions are non-trivial, others really more cosmetic:
  a.. SETPOS, in both its own menu and the Coordinates menu, is now fully
separated from AutoDraw, which it really wasn't before.  Also, SETX and SETY
report-boxes are updated with each SETPOS in the Coordinates menu.  SETPOS now
does just a single setpos and stops, just like all the other primitives, with
the pen down regardless where it starts (in contrast to AutoDraw, which begins
with PU when starting from [0 0]).
  b.. The garish bright yellow "X Coordinates" and "Y Coordinates" labels have
been toned down, and they are displayed only when Coordinate operations are
being done.
  c.. There are minor revisions and additions in the explanatory texts of
several menus.
  d.. I discovered that the order of hiding and displaying the various
elements of each menu has an impact on the smoothness of transition from one
menu to the next (specifically: hide first; display second).  The
menu-generating procedures have been revised to take advantage of this.
  e.. There is a personal polemic of 4 seconds duration at startup. When it's
complete, the menus become active.
  f.. The "MicroWorlds" name and the program name are displayed in all menus.
  g.. Miscellaneous other minor changes, including adopting a version-number
system, rather than different filenames for each update, the attached being "v
While all the laudatory comments are very gratifying, I feel fully sated.  I
would now be more interested in hearing about classroom experiences,
particularly any student difficulties or confusions that could be traced to
the design of the program.


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