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Subject: teaching MicroWorlds - students with varius learning problems
From: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jeff Knope)
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 16:49:30 -0700

Hi Zehava,

In messages subsequent to this one, you explained in more detail you are
envisioning some way to assemble procedures without much (or any) typing.
You've mentioned finding some way to copy and paste.

I was intending to look at that question as I started what became Graphics
Basics, but it sort of took off in a different direction, and I decided to go
with it. 

Today I revisitted your question of how to accomodate people with various
learning disabilities (or perhaps motor problems as well), not to mention the
age groups for which keyboarding is such a struggle.

The attached project seems to me to have some promise.  Unfortunately, I was
more interested in finding a workable concept than in making sure I included
an adequate list of primitives and characters.  I see I've neglected ht, st,
show, cg, clean... to name just the few that have jumped up as tried using the
thing (though these and any othes can be written using the provided alphabet).
 It seems to me the list of included primitives should be kept pretty small
and simple, but still enough to do most things. Or perhaps there should be
different versions for different age and/or ability levels.

Most of the primitives include a space following them (except make ", set ",
and tto ", which have both a space and the leading quotes that invariably go
with them). The math operators have both leading and following spaces.  The
numbers, letters, and punctuation marks do not have a space following them to
permit making strings of characters. There is a <sp> "key" to add spaces when

The main tricks to using it are: clicking on the blue boxes (which are always
active) causes the contents of that box to show up in the textbox at the
bottom.  You may compose MicroWorlds statements by successive clicks on the
appropriate boxes. I found I very quickly got familiar with where things are.
If you make a mistake, the "Backspace" button behaves just like the Backspace
key, one destructive backspace per click.

When the line of code is fully composed, click on the "Copy" button, then move
the cursor to the Procedures Tab and click it right into where you want your
line of code to appear.  Next do a Paste from the Edit menu in MWPro, or the
right-click popup menu in EX.  Presto!  The full line appears in the
Procedures Tab.

When you are ready to compose a new line, click on the "Clear Text" button
before you start.  

I've taken the liberty of naming it the "Zehava Composer."  It really is your
idea entirely.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Zehava Wizman" <zehava_w@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <MWForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 1:21 AM
Subject: teaching MicroWorlds - students with varius learning problems

> Hellow Forum!
> I am student, M.A  degree in  Technion Institue, on "Eduacation in 
> Technology and Science " Faculty, besides I am working as a computer
> in middle age section (13-14 age). In my studies I have to develop 
> educational program, and I decided to try taking MicroWorlds for teaching 
> some basic Ideas in Computer Science for children in those ages (12-14)  
> with problems in learning ( I teach this course in Middle age school but 
> only for the  best  students in scholol) Now, there is need to fit it to 
> students with varius problems in learning,concentration 
> problems,communication problems, and other learning problems, those that 
> maybe ,it will be  their unique opportunity studing those subjects in very 
> rich invirnoment, and need so much success experience of making projects
> themselves, see their products working with much multimedia effects in it.
> My request is to get advises on: what projects will suit to those
> which elements can fit  to those children, Maybe someone has expeirence
> teaching MicroWorlds to students with problems I mentioned before.
> I surely know that some subjects like  recursion, maybe condional
> will not fit them, but their are subjects that can be tought in special
> and will be understandably.
> I will be glad to hear from you, and get help.
>                                      Thanks, Zehava Wizman
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