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Subject: RE: MW Robotics collaboration
From: "Ray Catzel" <raycatzel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 08:05:08 -0400

MW Robotics collaborationHi Bruce,
I put all students through basic lesson drills to acquaint them with the
fundamentals of robotics and the RCX. Attached is an example of one of my
lesson guides.
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  Thanks for the reply!  I was initially hoping to get  teacher users
together so that if we ran into difficulties we would be able to help each
other without bogging down the list.  For instance - loading the IR sender
with Windows XP required help from Alain at LCSI.  I now have the page and a
half memo.

  I wasn't thinking of having students communicate with each other.  ( I
only have classes for 45 minutes/week ) -  This coming year I hope to use
the Digital Blue movie camera to have the students photograph their work.
That will be a real project!   We are in the fifth grade here.

  Are your students doing similar projects? ( ie cars ) What age are you
working with?   At this point in the year I have one more class of 5th
grades to program up their cars.  The science specialist works with the
students on the building.  The programs they have written are below.


  Bruce Cattanach
  Technology Educator | The Lakeview School
  44 Cooper Road | Denville NJ  07834-3419
  +1 973 366 5336 x 4284

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