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To: <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: How to achieve 'sharpness' in graphics?
From: "Wendy Petti" <wpetti@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 00:05:11 -0400

There are a few graphics limitations in MW, and having a shape increasingly
disintegrate as it rotates is one of them.  A shape only rotates cleanly at
90 degree angles.  So I sometimes use another graphics editor to help me
out.  I like Irfanview, which is a free download from the Web.  I copied
your original shape into Irfanview and rotated it 10 degrees at a time using
the "custom rotation" option in the image menu and saved each rotation as a
new GIF image.  I imported these GIF images into MW and placed them in the
shapes center.  Then I spilled transparent (white) paint into the black
areas of some of the rotated images and cleaned up the edges of the
rectangular border of those rotated shapes.  I'm attaching a robot2 version
of your project with the images in various stages of being cleaned up.  But
if you open them or stamp them on a new page, you'll see they all have the
same degree of crispness as the original.

It will be tricky to coordinate the movements of the robotic arm components!
I guess you might need to adjust the dimensions of the shapes to get them to
fit together properly.  I can imagine that as one portion of the robotic arm
changes shape, it will no longer appear hinged with the other components.
Or else it could be an interesting programming challenge to tell each turtle
to adjust its position depending on its shape...?  And/or you might put the
pivot point of each component at the exact center of each shape, bearing in
mind that the center point of the shape will be directly over the turtle's
center, where it gauges its position... then (for instance) an invisible
helper turtle could start at the forearm's position (placing it directly
above the forearm's pivot point) and set its heading according to the shape
name of the forearm (which should be named to specify its angle) and then
move forward the appropriate distance to reach the wrist, and then the
"hand" turtle could go to the helper turtle's position, so that the pivot
point of the hand will be exactly touching the wrist.  Or as a simpler
alternative, maybe the students could use these angled components to create
a variety of whole-arm images with each component at a different angle?


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> GrahamWilliams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 7:03 PM
> To: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [MWForum] How to achieve 'sharpness' in graphics?
> The Year 6 students at the school where I work will be investigating
> Robotics next term .Since I endeavour to integrate Microworlds
> challenges into the curriculum whenever I can, I thought I'd set the
> kids the task of using turtles to simulate the movements of a robotic
> arm.  I'm working on this task myself just to see how it might be done
> but I've  struck an issue with the clarity of the graphics.  I edited a
> picture of a robotic arm and separated it into its components - wrist,
> arm, shoulder etc.  The idea is to have different turtles ' dressed' as
> these components. I pasted the original graphic of the arm into several
> 'slots' in the  Shapes/'costume' tab . Then I edited the successive arms
> to 'raise' them 10 degrees higher each time .  However, when I 'dressed'
> a turtle in the arm and made a procedure to 'raise-arm' , as the turtle
> puts on each successive arm-costume the clarity/sharpness of the outline
> of the arm 'loses definition and the outline looks fuzzy . Does anyone
> know of some way of overcoming this problem?  I'd very much appreciate
> any advice.     Thanks in anticipation.
>  Graham      . I've attached a demo file. <<robot.mw2>>

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