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To: "MWForum" <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: turtle after turtle
From: "Mike Sandy" <mjsandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 21:09:26 +0100

Like Daniel, I used a queue.
The snake is formed from turtles: head, t1, t2, .............
The position and heading of each turtle of the body is taken from :queue, thus
t1 uses item 1 of :queue, &c.
The head moves according to proc. PATH. Its new heading and position are added
to the head of the queue
and the last item is discarded. The body is then moved on.
Add/remove turtles at the tail-end. Head removal has its usual effect!
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: zehava wizman 
  To: forum microworlds 
  Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 12:11 PM
  Subject: [MWForum] turtle after turtle

  Hello forum!
  I think you didn't get my last mail, so I send it again.
  here attached a project, The turtles have follow T1, but when I push one of
the keys designed (direct procedure) -  the first turtle T1 gets a turn,but
the other turtles have to go till the point the turtle turn, and just only
after it, to turn in same direction and follow him.
  I didn't succedded to do it.  
  I will be glad to get your good advise as usual.
    thanks, Zehava Wizman

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