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To: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: problem with FILL command and more...
From: "Daniel Ajoy" <da.ajoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 10:03:14 -0500

On 6 Dec 2006 at 1:38, zehava wizman wrote:

> Hello Forum!
> 1. have problem with the simple command of fill, here attached  .
> an example  that clicking on a color has to activated the       .
> turtle and fill the area. It doesn't do nothing I did it before .
> manytimes without problems                                      .

mouse, not turtle:

> 2. Does the command tto [t1..t27] ht, has a limit with number
> of turtles, and what is the limit? I found sometimes that some
> turtles in the end of the list dont do the command,

I spawned 150 turtles in this fashion:

dotimes [i 150] [newturtle word "t :i st rt random 360 fd 200]

And then ordered them to turn right:

tto [t0 t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 t9 t10 t11 t12 t13 t14 t15 t16 t17 t18 t19 t20
t21 t22 t23 t24
t25 t26 t27 t28 t29 t30 t31 t32 t33 t34 t35 t36 t37 t38 t39 t40 t41 t42 t43
t44 t45 t46 t47 t48
t49 t50 t51 t52 t53 t54 t55 t56 t57 t58 t59 t60 t61 t62 t63 t64 t65 t66 t67
t68 t69 t70 t71 t72
t73 t74 t75 t76 t77 t78 t79 t80 t81 t82 t83 t84 t85 t86 t87 t88 t89 t90 t91
t92 t93 t94 t95 t96
t97 t98 t99 t100 t101 t102 t103 t104 t105 t106 t107 t108 t109 t110 t111 t112
t113 t114 t115
t116 t117 t118 t119 t120 t121 t122 t123 t124 t125 t126 t127 t128 t129 t130
t131 t132 t133 t134
t135 t136 t137 t138 t139 t140 t141 t142 t143 t144 t145 t146 t147 t148 t149]

rt 90

Everyone obeyed.

> 3. Is there a way not to mention all the turtles in their names
> and to write like t1-t20 or something else?

Yes. Use this function

to turtles.from.to :ini :fin
if :ini > :fin [output []]
output fput word "t :ini turtles.from.to :ini + 1 :fin

like this

tto turtles.from.to 1 20

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