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To: <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Angles project
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 19:26:19 -0500

Sorry to bother again I am at another impasse. Thanks for the previous
suggestions. I have added a few things but it has caused new problems.
1. The buttons stay depressed. You have to click twice to choose it
again. I am not sure what I added that caused this to start happening.
They seem to reset when you choose new game.
2. Also my timer does not work as I had desired. I want it to keep track
of how much time it takes to complete the whole game. Which it now does
but then I wanted to somehow report that time in the final announcement
statement. I tried including a command statement in the announcement but
that did not work..
3. My announcement at the end repeats it self. I think it is because the
score is still at 15 so it regenerates..I tried adding the command
setcorrect 0 before the announce command to no avail.
4. Finally my pie in the sky wish.. I would love to somehow generate a
Hi scores list. I do not know if this is even possible. I have thought
of several ways to try (1st choice generate a query for the users
initals and then grab the final time and post it keeping only the top
10, 2nd choice simpler version of 1st that only keeps the lowest time,
3rd something that would stamp the date and the score or just the lowest
time)I am wondering if this would even be feasible since kids would be
using this in a lab setting. The web version would not allow you to keep
information between times a user goes to the site. In the version that
kids access on a server through the program would also not do this
unless it was saved each time (not a good idea for the integrity of the
game). So it looks like it would have to be cleared each time the game
was accessed but not replayed. I am still not sure about the worth of
this final idea except to increase the motivation factor.....

Once I get this done I think I have everything so it can be modified for
practice with other geometric shapes etc.

Thanks to all,
Ronald Boyd
GT Coordinator/Technology Integration Specialist
Rosemount Elementary

Attachment: Anglellation3.mwx
Description: Anglellation3.mwx

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