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To: mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Welcome to mwforum
From: Henry Wilson <henryhwilson@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 10:09:20 -0400
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Q1)I learned Microworlds EX in school, and it caught on. I then got it for xmas last year, for my computer, and have since made over 25 games and projects. I love making games for it.
Q2)The thing I like best about microworlds is the ability to use text boxes as variables. I use them in every single one of my games/projects. I also like using this to create a kind of login system. Here is the code for one of my login systems.

Given there is a text box named currentuser, currentpassword, log1user, log1pass, log2user, log2pass, log3user, log3pass, log4user, log4pass, log5user, log5pass, and a page named headexchange.

to login
question [Username]
setcurrentuser answer
question "Password
setcurrentpassword answer
question [ID number]
if answer = "1 [login1]
if answer = "2 [login2]
if answer = "3 [login3]
if answer = "4 [login4]
if answer = "5 [login5]

to login1
if log1user = currentuser [if log1pass = currentpassword [headexchange]]
to login2
if log2user = currentuser [if log2pass = currentpassword [headexchange]]
to login3
if log3user = currentuser [if log3pass = currentpassword [headexchange]]
to login4
if log4user = currentuser [if log4pass = currentpassword [headexchange]]
to login5
if log5user = currentuser [if log5pass = currentpassword [headexchange]]

Sometimes I find it frusterating when I have to create, lets say, 24 text boxes for a game with 24 levels, and name each one seperately. Name text1 lvl1. Name text2 lvl2 and so on.

Q3) I was playing a hotel game with my sister and brother and I was the front desk, they were the workers. I created an amazing program which books hotel reservations, lets me bill the guests, and lots more. It also lets the customers log in as guest, and see their bill, donate money to us, and a need place where they type in what they need from us, and log out. When I log in with an employee username and password, it tells me when a customer needs something.
Also, you can change your password by typing in reset for the ID in the homescreen login thing. If you visit the project online, click on the set up button. Only once it lets you set the passwords and usernames. And, there is a booker password, so you enter it when you book a new customer.
The project is online at freewebs.com/hotelsoftware. I attached this project as a mwx file.
I am currently working on a thing like this, except for a restaurant, not a hotel.
I did microworlds projects, 14 of them, for my science fair project. These projects were done years ago, and are not nearly as good as the ones I do now. The url is www.stbernards.org/fair07

Thank You!

please comment on these projects and what to improve of them

henry wilson

Attached the HOTEL BOOKING SERVICE PROJECT (I made it three days ago)

Attachment: Hotel Booking Service.mwx
Description: Binary data

On Mar 31, 2008, at 9:45 AM, majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

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