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To: swirlley@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: MIA, Ask an Expert: Pausing a game
From: Alain LCSI <alain@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 17:05:23 -0400


Well, it depends a lot on "what's going on" in the game, in other words, "what
is it that you wish to pause". In some games, you can simply stop using the
keyboard and the game will "wait" for you. In other cases, it is just not
possible or difficult. On example:

You have a rider that's moving along on the screen. You are using keys or
buttons to drive it. 
In this case, a PAUSE button could 1. remember the rider's speed and set the
speed of the rider to zero. A RESUME button would set the speed back to its
previous value. That implies that the rider is using a variable to control its
speed, such as "fd speed" in forever mode in the Rider's backpack. 

Anyway... I'm not going to go into details because I don't know if this is
useful in YOUR context. Give me more info about your game (or send you
prototype) and I will tell you more.

Alain Tougas

Le 2010-04-07 à 13:39, askanexpert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

> This is an automatic message sent from the web form at:
> http://mia.openworldlearning.org/howdoi.htm
> from: Ethan Wright <swirlley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> date: Wed Apr  7 11:39:47 2010
> platform: PC
> version: MicroWorlds Ex
> How do I pause a game using the keyboard?

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