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To: john.stclair@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: stamp to full page is stuck on
From: Alain LCSI <alain@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 19:45:50 -0400


Yeah! That student has visited the BACKGROUND page. Whatever graphics you put
on that page will appear on each page. That is a way to save on project size
if you need many times the same background.

So go to the Background page in the Pages menu, clear the graphics there, and
then go to any page. Boom. Absent.

Alain Tougas

Le 2010-04-28 à 19:37, John St. Clair a écrit :

> One of my students is using MicroWorlds EX version 7 and after he stamped a
> picture to full page, every time he goes to a new page or creates a new page,
> it puts that same background image onto the page he is going to.  The image
> will not erase.  I tried quitting MW and opening the file again and it still
> exhibits the same behavior.  I tried opening an old MW EX project he had done
> and it can make a new page with no problem.  I then opened the problem file
> and every time  I make a new page it puts that same image on the page.  The
> only workaround I've been able to figure out is to put an almost blank picture
> from the picture collection and stamp it to full page.
> Any ideas?
> -John
>> John St. Clair			Global SchoolNet Foundation
> john.stclair@xxxxxxxxxxx	www.gsn.org
> Vina Danks Middle School	Storyteller
> Teacher of Logo and Lego	inlandstorytellers.org
> vinadanks.us/logo.html
> LogoForum moderator
> groups.yahoo.com/group/logoforum

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