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To: "MicroWorlds Forum" <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, mgehrdes@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: MIA, Ask an Expert: Can I import one page from a project?
From: "Daniel Ajoy" <da.ajoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 14:52:22 -0500

> from: Mary Alice Gehrdes <mgehrdes@xxxxxxxxx>
> date: Tue Jul 13 13:17:38 2010
> platform: PC
> version: MicroWorlds Ex
> Can I import a page from one project into another project?
> My goal was to take a page from many student worlds and create one project 
> with many pages...
> Thank you for any help!

Hi Mary Alice,

Take a look at the "merge" command in the help.

merge pathname word-or-list-of-types 

 Given that these files exist:

merge "clocks "procedures

Imports the procedures and project variables.

merge "clocks "pages

Imports all the pages.

merge "clocks [page1 page3]

Imports individual pages.

merge "C:\projects\scene "shapes

Replaces all the public shapes in the current project. 

OpenWorld Learning

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