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To: "MicroWorlds Forum" <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: MIA, Ask an Expert: Sliders
From: "Daniel Ajoy" <da.ajoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 09:14:09 -0500

from: Bridget Hannawacker <bhannawacker@xxxxxxx>
date: Mon Oct 18 08:34:27 2010
platform: PC
version: MicroWorlds Ex
How do you get a slider to contral your turtle?

By knowing how sliders work.

I want to be able to move the sliders and change the shape, pensize, and color, of the turtle. The turtle then needs to draw the shape given on the
Any ideas ?

Sure. create a slider called mycolor

and then in the OnClick rule of a turtle type:

setc mycolor	

(And set it to Forever)

Then, when you click on the turtle and move the slider, the color of the turtle should change.

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