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To: MicroWorlds Forum <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Fwd: manipulating text files and serial port communication
From: Rotem Kimchi <rotemk2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 17:17:26 +0200

vary nice I did notice the show ascii example but I didnt knew he his
sending ascii code, maybe this was the problem in the other logo's library

thanks a lot
2010/11/24 Daniel Ajoy <da.ajoy@xxxxxxxxx>

> On Wed, 24 Nov 2010 06:02:22 -0500, Rotem Kimchi <rotemk2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> Yes I built a robot and I want to communicate with him using ZigBee
>> protocol through the serial port with logo commands. For now I am using a
>> cable to burn a programs to the robot using Robotc program but I want to use
>> logo Pro.
>> At first I thought I could send logo's commands and then translate them
>> using the robot uP, but
>> I think that the command .send in logo cannot send chars only integers am
>> I correct?
> No. You are sending characters. But you are sending them in ascii code
> You should send the number in the DEC column if you want the transfer the
> character in the CHAR column.
> Logo has commands that do the conversion:
> show ascii "A
> 65
> show char 65
> A
> This procedure asciifies a word:
> to asciify :word
> if empty? :word [stop]
> show ascii first :word
> asciify butfirst :word
> end
> asciify "|fd 100|
> 102
> 100
> 32
> 49
> 48
> 48
> Notice that "fd 100" is a single word (what is called a "string" in other
> languages).
> NOT a sentence with two words.
> If so I'll send numbers that will represent the commands using the first
>> bits to described the OPCODE (the command type: fd seth,bk..) or a value,
>> and after that I’ll send the number that described the command or the
>> itself.
> If you wish.
> As far as the robot it's not a problem to teach him new command words and
>> make him do what i want him to do.
>> I created the text file before I knew about the logo ability to use the
>> serial port and I wanted to take a file that have a singal command and using
>> a c code in order to translate him to a binary code and send him in the same
>> way, through the serial port.
>> You told me "I think using text files is easier... but maybe just because
>> I've never used serial port communication"
>>  so i wanted to know how come? , but you probably didn't  understood the
>> all purpose of the application.
> Correct, I didn't understand that you wanted to transfer the content of
> those text files to a robot.
> Daniel
> OpenWorld Learning

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