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To: juliodominguezm@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: MIA, Ask an Expert: Scratch Picture
From: Alain Tougas <alain@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 20:43:39 -0500


Have you tried drawing the image on the WALLPAPER page, then do the filling on
That won't work.
Do the opposite. 
With the WALLPAPER totally clean and PAG!1 totally clean, go to PAGE1 and
fill. It will fill entirely.
go to the WALLPAPER page (you won't see the PAGE1's filling) and draw your
go to PAGE1, use the eraser and reveal the wallpaper.

Alain Tougas

Le 2011-02-15 à 20:11, askanexpert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

> This is an automatic message sent from the web form at:
> http://mia.openworldlearning.org/mwforum.htm
> from: Julio Dominguez <juliodominguezm@xxxxxxxxx>
> date: Tue Feb 15 18:11:16 2011
> platform: Mac OS10
> version: MicroWorlds Ex
> Hello i'm trying to help a student with one of her projects, but we can't
> seam to get it to work. 
> this is the procedure that she is currently using in her project
> to scratch
> clean
> pd
> fill
> setpos [-366 212]
> setc 84
> seth 90 
> fd 732
> seth 180
> fd 424
> seth 270
> fd 732
> seth 0
> fd 424
> end
> What she wants is for the page to be filled in and then be able to scratch
> it off so in the end it reveals a picture.
> The fill procedure works only if it doesn't have a picture on the
> background, otherwise it only fills in a part or section of the picture but
> not the whole scene. is there anyway to fix it or is it even possible in

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