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To: MicroWorlds Forum <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: You are all still Here!
From: Jean Stringer <sjbjeanmarie@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 18:01:39 -0800 (PST)

Was surprised to see you all still here...Somehow my computer put this list
not in my inbox, sure I set it up that way years age.  
I am not sure if any remember me, I taught at St. Julie' and all of you helped
me each year when I pulled out MicroWorlds.
 I loved what little I could introduce kids to.   I don't know a lot
about MicroWorlds and you all stepped in and helped my kids.
I retired 4 years ago (St. Julie School closed)
I missed teaching kids quite a bit, and little by little I have added to the
technology at St. Joe's School.   This year the principal agreed to an
after school Logo Class, so once more I need help.
This class is totally student driven.  They want to do things and I try to
remember how!  They each create their own projects and right now they are
looking at working together to create something to show the principal.
I try to introduce them to as many ideas as I can....  YOUR Ninj is always a
great hit, though no one wants to draw that many shapes. 
I am so thrilled to find you still email ideas  and I could use help trying
to figure out a program I saw online.....   

I know my students would love to know how to make a turtle move using the
mouse as in this project.  Also a counter that goes up catching a banana and
down catching the ball. ( I don't remember how to make any counter) 
I hope you are still there and willing to still  help us learn how to
write these  procedures.
  We met each Thursday and as always I have trouble making them leave. We
have met for 12 weeks so far, but two kids came late, and I feel I am loosing
them because they feel they don't know as much as the other kids.   I
think if I could show them how to program this project I will hook them and
show them there is no being behind.  Microworlds just takes work. 
Thank you for your time and any help,   
             Jean Stringer  

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