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To: MicroWorlds Listserv <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: textbox name variables? color number variables?
From: Dawn Young <YoungD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Accept-language: en-US

I am using MicroWorlds EX Robotics. My 8th grade students are creating line
segments from a central point so it looks like spokes of a wheel. I'd like
them to have a text box at the end of each spoke that eventually has the
heading for that spoke printed into it. Is there a way to have the textbox
name be a variable that gets changed each repetition?

For example
Repeat 10 [fd 100 bk 100 text 1, pr heading rt 36]
Text1 I want to become text2 for the second repetition rather than have a list
of each heading in one box.
I am also experimenting with the same idea for coloring spokes of different
colors...setc :color+1 kind of idea with the color variable being a number.
I know I can do this with a line of logo code for each spoke, but was hoping
there was a way to use it within repeat. Any ideas?
Dawn Young
Challenge Enrichment Specialist, West Middle School
Challenge Enrichment Coordinator, Binghamton City School District

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