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To: MicroWorlds Forum <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: MIA, Ask an Expert: Mouse clicks
From: Alan Bartram <at.bartram@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 16:33:26 +1100

My mistake this is an example of what I've been using:

to controlfire
tto [t1 t2]
make  "com ascii readchar
if :com = 37 [seth 270 fd 5]
if :com = 39 [seth 90 fd 5]
if :com = 32 [tto "t2 seth 0 st repeat 45[fd 7 wait .5] test]

As you can see ascii character 37 relates to the left arrow
39 to the right arrow and 32 to the space bar. Can I use an ascii number for the left mouse click?

On 29/02/2012 4:03 PM, Daniel Ajoy wrote:
from: Alan Bartram <at.bartram@xxxxxxxxxxx>
date: Tue Feb 28 21:49:41 2012
platform: PC
version: MicroWorlds 2.03

Can I use a mouse click for the "listen" command. I know the ascii numbers for the keyboard but can something be used for a mouse click?

Hi Alan,

"listen" is not for keyboard or mouse input.

Here is an project that demonstrates a way to use mouse clicks:


Alas, it is for MicroWorlds EX, not for your version of MicroWorlds (2.03). Are you really using MicroWorlds 2.03?

OpenWorld Learning

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