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To: "MicroWorlds Forum" <mwforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: MIA, Ask an Expert: mario
From: "Daniel Ajoy" <da.ajoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2012 01:49:53 -0500

from: Ricardo
date: Wed Nov  7 02:49:03 2012
platform: Platform not specified
version: MicroWorlds Ex
im having trouble with the computer trying to shoot and shoot at random
places. if you can help, please do because its for my assignment

I'm having trouble with the fire ball , I want it to go 270 degrees and when it hits the red , I want it to go 270 again but at a different spot , I don't know how to send my project

I'm not sure I understand what you need.

Attached is a variation of the project here:


The turtle named "bullet" is hidden, but it has instructions.

You can see than the bullet gets the direction of the shooter turtle with this instruction:

seth ask "t1 "heading

You can see that the shooter turtle changes direction a little before shooting with these instructions:

t1, rt -10 + random 21

OpenWorld Learning

Attachment: shoot.mwx
Description: application/mwx-plugin

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