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Obstacle Course 1
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Goal:   Steer a turtle with buttons.


Vocabulary:   rt (right), lt (left), fd (forward), stopall

Project Map



  1. Hatch a turtle.   Place the eye tool on it to open its backpack.   Go to the Rules tab and on its OnClick rule type: fd 1.   This means, "Move forward one tiny turtle step."   Set it to Forever.   Now when we click on the turtle, it will move forward one tiny step, over and over again.

  2. Make a button.   Set its instruction to lt 30.   This means, "Turn left 30 degrees."

  3. Make a second button.   Set its instruction to rt 30.   This means, "Turn right 30 degrees."

  4. Make a third button.   Set its instruction to stopall.   Clicking this button will stop all the action on the page.

  5. To steer the turtle, first click on it to start it moving forward.   Now click as many times as you like on the lt 30 or rt 30 buttons.

What If?
What happens if you try a different input (number) for lt and rt? ( Try lt 45 and rt 45, or lt 90 and rt 90.)

Can you make the turtle move in a circle?

On Your Own - Project Ideas
Can you draw a simple picture on your page and steer the turtle around the picture? (Can you put some rectangles or circles in his way, or make a wide path for him?)

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