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Obstacle Course 2
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Goal:   Control a turtle´s speed with division.


Vocabulary:   / (division sign)

Project Map



  1. In the OnClick rule of the turtle's backpack, type fd 1 / 10.   This means, "Move forward one-tenth of a tiny turtle step."   The / (forward slash) is the division sign.   Be sure to put a space before and after the / .   Set the rule to Forever.  

  2. Now when we click on the turtle, it will move forward one-tenth of a tiny step, over and over again.   These steps are so tiny that we can't really see every single step.   But it means that the turtle will move more slowly than he does when we tell him fd 1, many times.   It will take him ten times as long to travel across the page, because it will take him ten times as long to move forward each whole tiny turtle step.

  3. Write a start procedure as shown above.

    The command t1, clickon is the same as clicking directly on turtle t1 to start running its instructions.  

  4. Add a start button to activate the start procedure.

What If?
What happens if you try dividing by a different number? ( Try fd 1 / 5 or fd 1 / 2 or fd 1 / 20.)

How can you make the turtle move in a tiny circle or a big circle? Can you make it go in a circle around the pond?

On Your Own - Project Ideas
Add more obstacles and steer the turtle between them.

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